The intelligent human being is a tool maker out of necessity and because he has objective intellect. He is not only bestowed with the power of speech but also he possesses a mental and artistic mind.

An art work is creditable not because it is an exact copy of the nature, but because it depicts the nature in a certain way. This happens because the artist has uncovered a truth and he wants to translate it in a new language so that he sheds light to the deep concept that lies in an object and this means that this art work should be displayed like a human product and not merely a blind imitation of the nature. (Schuon, Frithjof: The Art of Spirituality


    We intend to preserve and restore old art works that have a sign of history in them, including copies of Safavid era, codices from Qajar, pen cases, book bindings, boxes and paintings etc. in order for us to keep alive pages from the history. We hope to present our services to our country by restoring art works in traditional ways.  

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